PCB Design & Layout Services

EPS PCB Technologies offers PCB & Schematic Design Services for your new or old products. PCB design and PCB fabrication is the most time consuming and critical job for any new electronics development. We have more than 10 Years of experience in this fields. We have experienced and fully qualified PCB design engineers for this job.

For any new PCB design we all ways insist to design Schematic first and then for PCB to minimize design errors. After designing schematic it is sent to customers for verification and then only we do PCB design.

To start with, you can send us your schematic in hand drawn and scanned PDF or you can also send us scanned PCB images or any kind of downloaded files.




If you do not have the pcb design on the paper or hard copy,  But if you can provide a sample of bare PCB, then we can redesign the PCB for you. If the pcb is populated with components then also we can redesign the PCB & provide BOM for your convenience.


  • From board to board
  • From schematic to board
  • From schematic to PCB
  • Multilayer (Up to 10 layer) designs
  • SMD components to board
  • Any dimension PCB
  • Auto-routing and manual-routing
  • Analog and Digital design
  • Power Electronics design


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