PCB Based Membrane Keyboard

PCB based Membrane keyboards built glass epoxy PCB. Main advantage of this type keyboard is it can be easily mounted on panel with help of fasteners on PCB. On this type of keyboards LED or other SMD can be mounted. PCBs are available in various thicknesses starting from 0.2 to 3.2mm PCB keyboard are normally terminated through single side ,double side berg strips, IC sockets, FRC connectors, solderable pads etc.



Features and Benefits:

Easy to mount on panel with help of fasteners Space Saving and weight reduction PCB gives rigid support to keypad Varity of hardware can be installed Tactile Response by Metal dome /Polyester non tactile Easy to repair Display fields LED & Back light LED Tin, Nickel or Gold Plating

  • PCB Membrane Keypad PTH PCB
  • PCB Membrane Keypad DOUBLE SIDE PCB
  • PCB Membrane Keypad GOLD PLATING
  • PCB Membrane Keypad SINGLE SIDE PCB
  • PCB Membrane Keypad TIN PLATING PCB


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