Double Side PCB


These single sided printed circuit boards are widely used in various electronics applications. Being single sided circuit board, it connect various electronic components electrically. We can provide customization to our range of single sided printed circuit boards.

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PCB Specifications

  • Multilayer up to 8 layers .
  • FR4 Glass Epoxy Double side PCB (PTH)
  • FR4 Glass Epoxy Single Side PCB
  • CEM1 Single Side PCB With 5 mil track / 5 mil spacing 8 mil fine pitch SMDs.
  • Minimum Hole size of 16 mil
  • Board Finish can be given
  • CNC Drilling
  • SMOBC (Solder Mask On Bare Copper)
  • PISM (Photo Image able Solder Mask)
  • HAL (Hot Air Leveling)
  • BBT (Bare Board Testing) tester for SMD Pcb
  • CNC Routing
  • V –Grooving (FR 4 & Aluminium PCB ) Nickel / Silver / Gold Plating


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